U.K.’s What Car? magazine reports that the cost of repairing automobiles is more expensive than scheduling an appointment with a barrister.

“Quite simply,” says Steve Fowler, group editor for the magazine, “dealership labour rates for repairs are just too high.”

According to the article, many mechanics charge between 100 and 140  pounds ($174 -$244) an hour just in labor costs. Junior barristers charge 30 - 100  pounds ($52- $174) as their typical hourly fee; physicians charge from 44 to 63 ($77-$110) pounds per hour.

Region and car make also affect repair costs. Fowler states that, when his vehicle requires another repair, he’ll find the cheapest garage no matter the distance since “…the savings I can make will pay for a night in a hotel and a decent meal.”

And to think, most UK wrenches don't even have to tear their hair out over wiry rats' nests from Lucas 'The Prince of Darkness' Electrics anymore.

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