General Motors Chair and CEO Rick Wagoner embarked in a bout of what is likely to be perceived by some as 'gallows humor', responding with Mark Twain-esque levity to the increasing number of reports that his employer is headed for bankruptcy.


Referencing the time-honored riff on what words a dead many might like to hear at his own funeral (“Look, he’s moving!”), Wagoner addressed the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce on the state of GM’s turnaround plan.

Wagoner remains insistent that the General is moving in the right direction, adopting an attitude somewhere between self-depreciating humor and “Nevermind the Bollocks, here’s the General’s Motors!”


Little actual news was made at the conference appears to have been made, other than a brief comment on President Bush's call for the automaker to build 'relevant' products and Wagoner admitting that on the financial reports front, GM isn’t ruling out the inclusion of any sizeable one-time items for 2006 (which have the potential to wipe out gains made in other areas).


[Source: Reuters]


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