Big changes in Mitsubishi's American S&M department

Two of Mitsubishi’s top American S&M gurus (that’s “Sales and Marketing,” kids... get your minds out of the gutter) have resigned.


David Schembri, vice-president of sales and marketing, and marketing veep Wayne Killen stepped down Friday for ‘unspecified reasons.’ No replacements have been named. Schembri had been with the company for just one year, after being wooed from his post as marketing chief at Mercedes-Benz . Killen was also a Benz marketing executive, brought onboard at Schembri's request just last August.


As a brand, Mitsubishi continues to struggle for traction in North America, but it has showed incremental signs of recovery as of late, posting a 2.8-percent increase in January (the Triple-Diamond marque has been fighting off a 64-percent drop in sales between 2002 and 2005, so this is something of a big deal). Uptick or no, Mitsubishi's stockholders have yet to swallow the pill that the automaker is on the mend-- shares are down 2.9-percent this year.


[Source: Bloomberg News]

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