GM's head of global design, Ed Welburn (shown at right with the wildly successful Camaro concept), discussed future design trends for GM's brands in a wide-ranging interview with, ahead of the Philadelphia Auto Show.
Welburn says he has created a high-level design team, reporting directly to him, with the goal of sharply focusing the design philosophy for each brand.

How are the brand design themes evolving? Here are a few clues:
  • Cadillac - a bold statement, with a high level of sophistication, not bland or boring. The new CTS sedan will kick off the evolved Cadillac look.
  • Saturn - a European theme tied to the Opel brand
  • Buick - very sophisticated for its market segment. A premium American design, refined and well-appointed.
  • Pontiac - sporty, youthful and agile design that says "seductive performance"
  • GMC trucks - "industrial precision"
  • Chevy trucks - a "heavy-duty" signature
  • Saab - will get a strong jet aircraft identification
  • Chevrolet - includes performance as a key element, but with designs regionalized to suit Chevy's global markets.

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