Spy Shots: Skoda Roomster

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll instantly recognize the Skoda Roomster. We’ve featured it and its unforgettable design on Autoblog before. In fact, we last brought you high quality press shots of the production version, so why the spy shots?

Because this Autoblogger likes this little car a lot. It’s so “un-American” in a healthy, inspiring way. I won’t speak for the rest of the Autoblog team, but despite the fact I think the Roomster is hella fugly, it appeals to me on account of its thoughtful and innovative design.

Am I wearing beer goggles or do some of you out there agree with me?

The Roomster will be officially unveiled at Geneva in March and we’ll get plenty of interior shots since that area of the vehicle has yet to be seen, at least by us.

[Thanks Mike for the tip]

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