Canadian 'Bad Boy' kit car maker convicted of fraud

Bruce Clark, operator of Bad Boyz Exotic Toys is a bit conflicted about what makes for truth in advertising. The freshly-convicted Edmonton kit-car entrepreneur apparently took hundreds of thousands of dollars from customers without delivering anything, but he did get his company's name at least half right.

On Friday, the bad boy would-be carbuilder pleaded guilty to nine counts of fraud in excess of $5,000, and a single count of attempted fraud. Clark had taken 23 orders over the course of a few years for his fiberglass Lear 2000 sports car (essentially a Lamborghini Diablo knockoff), but only managed to deliver six, with two of them incomplete.

Despite knowing Bad Boyz Exotic Toys lacked the ability to produce more cars, Clark continued to solicit new orders to keep the firm solvent, and even switched its name to Lear 2000 when things were going pear-shaped.

Clark awaits sentencing from the Court of Queen's Bench on April 21.

[Source: The Edmonton Sun]

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