Chicago Auto Show: A bit of history, and a really nice Scout

While International doesn't have much recent history at the Chicago Auto Show, there is a relationship between the company and this town that goes back much further than last year's announcement of the CXT truck. The father-son team of Robert H. and Cyrus McCormick developed the first successful reaper back in 1831, and with that came the birth of McCormick Harvesting Company. Nearly 50 years later, Jerome Case's thresher company was rolled into the mix, and soon became the world's largest manufacturer of steam engines. In 1902, further consolidation lead to the formation of the International Harvester Corporation. All of this gives International perhaps the deepest history of any manufacturer on display here in the McCormick Center (a building, not coincidentally, that is named for Robert R. McCormick, the great-nephew of Cyrus).

All of this history is really just an excuse to run some pictures of the nicest International Scout that I've ever laid eyes (and camera) upon, which was on display at the company's booth here in Chicago. For the fans of this vehicle - and I know we have a few of them here - click through and check out the pics of this fine vehicle, as well as a couple of historical promo shots that International included in its press materials (you can click on the promo shots to bring up high-res images).


Click on the pics below if you want to view the original high-resolution shots that were provided by International:


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