Publishing board member salaries, thinning the ranks, rolling up the sleeves and cutting down on the excess -- sounds like the handiwork of a brilliant politician... except that Dieter Zetsche gets more done.

In an effort to right the wrongs of the Jurgen Schrempp era, it's been reported that Zetsche will chop 8,000 jobs at Mercedes-Benz by mid-year and thin out another 6,000 DaimlerChrysler jobs worldwide by 2008. Now, according to The Car Connection, Zetche has announced that he has no problem publishing the salaries of his board members -- something taken for granted in the United States but a new, and somewhat contentious, development in German corporate law. For stockholders that have seen their dividends plummet during the Schrempp era, let's hope Dieter scores some brownie points with all of these new efforts.

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