GM unlikely to meet Delphi's Feb. 17th labor contract deadline

In less than three weeks, Delphi will be looking to have settled its labor dispute with the UAW. If that doesn't happen, then the likelihood is high that the bankrupt supplier will head to court and ask that the union contract be cancelled - an action that will almost certainly precipitate a strike and, consequently, chaos among the US auto industry.

Despite the urgency, GM CEO Rick Wagoner stated that it's unlikely the automaker will be able to put a plan in place by the Feb. 17th deadline to assist Delphi with satisfying the UAW. Such a plan would include a variety of actions such as GM taking in part of Delphi's workforce, buyouts, and subsidized wages; how GM would pay for all of this isn't known, but it's likely cheaper in the short term than a crippling strike.

It's said that if Delphi does indeed file to void the labor contract, it could be several weeks before any real action takes place. By that time, we'll have probably gotten a preview in the form of the ongoing saga of Tower Automotive.


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