GM dispenses massive IT contracts

General Motors's plan to drop $15 billion (roughly the market capitalization of the company) on information technology finally resulted in some contracts this week. The largest-ever IT outsourcing buy was split into several 5-year contracts, which don't quite add up to the previously-announced value due to a bit of much-needed belt tightening.

EDS managed to win $3.8B in contracts, which represents a significant drop from its current share. HP, Compuware, Wipro, and Capgemini also came away winners, while IBM left empty-handed. It sounds as if there's more work yet to be awarded, with EDS talking about winning additional business, and something in the neighborhood of $2-3 billion still rumored to be set aside for start-ups. That's not exactly table scraps. Now, what remains to be seen is how GM takes advantage of all this shiny new technology.

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