Camry Hybrid opens door for more extreme Prius

Toyota opted not to pair its Synergy Drive hybrid system with a V6 in the new Camry Hybrid and instead coupled it with an extremely economical Atkins-cycle version of the car’s base 2.4L engine. While the Camry Hybrid won’t be posting mileage numbers as high as the more dedicated Prius, it is the first high-function hybrid that has a chance at stealing sales away from the Prius.
GreenCarCongress recently asked Toyota’s Dave Hermance if the new Camry Hybrid would allow Toyota to further stuff the Prius with more radical technologies and his reply was, “Absolutely”. The current Prius is scheduled to be replaced in 2008 and Toyota has no plans to produce a “Hot Rod Hybrid” to compete with the Honda Accord Hybrid.

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