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Widebody Gallardo GTV by IMSA

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We've never been left wanting when it comes to the width of our imaginary Lamborghini Gallardo. But if we're pretending to be kajillionaires, then excess is our motto.

IMSA has created a package for the Gallardo that tunes all aspects of Lambo's little bull, including a bump in power to 600 horsepower, an adjustable sport suspension, bigger brakes and better materials in the interior. But what catches the eye of kajillionaires is the unique widebody kit that allows the Gallardo to accommodate larger, twin-spoke wheels. The article on Speed Heads (via GermanCarBlog) states neither how many extra inches the Gallardo gains in width nor what the IMSA package will cost. Then again, we kajillionaires never bother to look at the price.

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