Premier office accessory for the Italian Job: The Mini Desk

Ok, so everyone at work knows you're a car nut. You've got virtually every nook and cranny of your office crammed with all manner of racing ephemera, petrolania and automobilia. You drink your morning java courtesy one of Stuttgart's finest eye-openers. You broker big deals on the speakerphone while wheeling around the office in a Recaro chair, nervously gnawing on the pen cribbed from your Ferrari Montegrappa desk set. Hell, you've even fitted the executive washroom down the hall with one of these (because that sixth gear comes in handy in emergencies).

But something's missing... that Herman Miller desk set just isn't cutting it anymore. Well, Mini Statements has the perfect answer: the Mini Desk. At almost $4,500, it ain't cheap, but everyone needs a suitable place to rest their new Lamborghini laptops. And hey, if nothing else, owners are saving a perfectly good classic Mini from heading to the crusher. Well... most of it, at least.

(tip top, Roger)

[Source: Chip Chick]

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