General Motors announced Tuesday that it will introduce the next-generation 2007 Chevy Avalanche at the Chicago Auto Show. The company will also make major announcements at the show: one expanding on the "Live Green Go Yellow" alternative fuel campaign launched last week in Washington, D.C.; another introducing a technology enhancement for the OnStar service.

The '07 Avalanche (shown at right) is the latest vehicle to be based on GM's new full-size SUV platform.

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[Source: GM] GM Will Unveil All New 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche, Make Major Alternative Fuel and OnStar Announcement at Chicago Auto Show

2007 Chevy Avalanche LTZ

DETROIT - General Motors will introduce the all-new 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche, the latest rollout of its next-generation full-size truck family and the industry's most flexible utility vehicle, at the Chicago Auto Show.

GM also will make two major announcements: One will build on the "Live Green Go Yellow" campaign GM launched Jan. 25 in Washington, D.C.; the second involves a technology enhancement at OnStar. OnStar will celebrate its 10th anniversary at the show.

"GM continues to demonstrate bold and innovative leadership in products and technology," said Brent Dewar, GM vice president, marketing and advertising. "On these fronts and more, GM is truly on a roll."

The Chevy Avalanche was the first to combine the passenger-comfort attributes of an SUV with the cargo capability of a truck. The 2007 model is based on GM's brand-new, full-size SUV platform, which features more power with improved, segment-leading fuel economy and flex-fuel capability on some models; a sharper, more precise driving feel; increased interior refinement and improved quietness; and world-class safety. It will go on sale in the second quarter of 2006.

"Avalanche created the segment and it continues to dominate it. In 2007, the original gets even better," said Dewar.

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