Chevy chasing Opel out of India

In a testament to the growing power of the Bowtie brand abroad, DNA India is reporting that GM will be replacing its Opel brand in the rapidly expanding Indian market with that of Chevrolet. Currently Opel offers the Corsa sedan and Corsa Sail hatchback, as well as the Astra and Vectra in India, while Chevy has already built a three-vehicle lineup that includes the Optra, Tavera people carrier and Forester SUV.
Sales of the Opel Corsa in India, however, have apparently been luke warm, and Opel dealers in the country are reporting that production of the Corsa has been stopped for the last 2-3 months. Analysts are connecting the dots here and view the Corsa’s retreat from India as a sign that its parent brand isn’t far behind.

Fuel for this speculation is further being provided by the fact that Chevy unveiled three more vehicles in Delhi on Wednesday – the Aveo, Aveo U-VA and Optra SRV sportback, one of which will take the Corsa’s place in India, according to GM.

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