VIDEO: BMW Night Vision

We recently reported that BMW's Night Vision technology will be debuting on its vehicles in March. The 5 Series sedan, sports wagon, and 6 Series coupe and convertible will be the first models able to see in the dark, and we've put together a little video to show you exactly what the experience will be like behind the wheel.
The system seems similar to the technology used by Cadillac on 2000-2005 DeVilles, except that Caddies displayed their thermal images on the bottom portion of the windshield whereas the BMWs will make use of their nav screens. GM and Cadillac dropped their version of Night Vision after the 2005 model year since sales had fallen to 600 units/year from a first year high of 7,500 units. We'll wait and see whether or not BMW can make a better go of it.

PS: We got a better handle on this whole video compression thing and promise this one isn't the beastly download the last one was, so don't be scared to start streaming as this one should begin right away and is of much higher quality.

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