British leadfoots, you've got a friend in Caroline Lister. The British Recorder in a Winchester court let 21-year-old Nicholas Whittle off the hook after he was clocked touching 150 mph in daddy's Porsche Boxster. 90 mph over the speed limit. Without insurance.

Lister threw the case out of court, arguing Whittle "went fast for a short time only on a straight road with excellent visibility." The potentate argued that excessive speed in-and-of-itself isn't enough to be ruled dangerous driving, particularly as road conditions that day were conducive to fast driving.

Predictably, Thursday's legal ruling left British public safety groups frothing, with many commenting on Lister's general negligence and the irresponsibility of ruling. One of the groups, Brake, has promised to lodge an official complaint.

But young Whittle isn't completely inculpable in the eyes of the law... at least not yet. He still faces charges of excess speed and driving without  insurance. As such, the would-be James Dean has avoided jail time, but is still looking at forfeiture of his license.

[Source: The UK Mirror]

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