Alfa Romeo Brera marketing video released

Alfa Romeo has released an extended version of its " Machine Warriors" computer animation promotional video for the new Brera, as the venerable Italian carmaker tries its hand at that new-fangled viral marketing thing. To my mind, the video recalls the dreadful movie "Tron," but your mileage may vary.

The best part of the video site was the link to Alfa Romeo's Brera mini-site, which has lots of data and gorgeous photos of the car Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson called "Cameron Diaz on wheels."

Earlier this month, Designers (Europe) awarded the Brera the European Automotive Design Award 2006, selecting the new Alfa over the Jaguar XK and the Lexus IS. The car was also named the year's "Most Beautiful Car in the World" at the 21st annual International Automobile Festival in Paris last week.
[Via Italiaspeed]

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