UAW gets to sit in on Delphi creditor meetings; still has no say

The UAW has won a battle to secure a seat on Delphi's creditor committee, which will at least give the union the ability to keep up to speed on what's being discussed. The "ex-officio" position, however, does not give the UAW any voting power. This makes the UAW the largest unsecured creditor on the committee.

Oddly enough, the International Union of Electrical Workers already has a position on the committee despite being a significantly smaller creditor than the UAW, and GM - which could be liable for billions of dollars depending on how all of this plays out - doesn't even have the ability to listen in on the proceedings (if I were the General, I'd be screaming at the court right about now).

The importance of all this will quickly become clear if the committee proceeds with a court filing next month to void Delphi's labor contracts, as the UAW will now be able to hit the ground running.

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