TGIF: Flirting in Traffic

Remember the UK-based Drive to Romance web site we covered that hooked up British lovebirds from behind the wheel? Our readers in the States who were jealous are in luck: there's finally a similar service out there in the United States called Flirting in Traffic. The premise is similar, although rather than looking up a license plate number, this one involves putting a bumper sticker on your car displaying a "Flirting ID" that interested individuals can look up on the Flirting in Traffic web site. There also seems to be a number of Flirting in Traffic-sponsored mixers around various cities in the country.

The company says it is also coming out with Flirting on Campus, Flirting at the Bar, Flirting at the Beach and Flirting Around soon, although I don't know how well a "Flirting ID" could be displayed on someone's person. I will have no choice but to laugh at women with Flirting IDs on the butts of their bikini bottoms.

[Via DetroitWonk]

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