Formula 1: Williams F1 launches FW28

Williams F1 unveiled the 2006 FW28 Friday at team headquarters. After a falling out with BMW, resulting in BMW buying the Sauber team to go it alone in 2006, Williams has switched to Cosworth power for the first year of the new V8 formula.

As we've seen with the other 2006 cars, the switch to less powerful V8s has led to a search for increased aerodynamic efficiency, as the designers try to recapture top end speed. This leads to fewer aero tabs and widgets, and careful shaping of the rear wing to minimize drag while still generating enough downforce. Particularly visible on the Williams is the current trend to higher, deeply undercut sidepods - using the design flexibility provided by the smaller V8 radiators to optimize airflow to the rear of the car.

Pictured with the car are the team's drivers, Mark Webber and rookie Nico Rosberg holding down the race seats, with Alex Wurz (ex-McLaren) and Narain Karthikeyan (confirmed just this week) handling testing duties.

The FW28 heads to Valencia, Spain, for its first test runs next Tuesday. Lots more details at Williams new website here. More pics after the jump.

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