Getting ethanol to the masses

With all of the hype on flex-fuel vehicles springing forth from every auto show like a geiser of Texas Tea, you’d think alternative fuel pumping E85 would be popping up at every BP and Sunoco in your neighborhood.
According to a report in The Olympian, ethanol is still barely used with any regularity outside of the Midwest. This is not for lack of fuel: legislation in the form of tax brakes and new laws will nearly double the current five billion gallons available by the year 2012. And more than five million flex-fuel vehicles are currently on the road.

Proponents claim the blame rest squarely on the shoulders of the automakers for not promoting these vehicles, as well as the oil companies for their lack of interest. These groups claim that while automakers do advertise their flex-fuel vehicles, it's for tax reasons and marketing. Automakers counter by pointing out there are not enough ethanol fueling stations to warrant nationwide advertising. The oil companies, meanwhile, feel they’re being asked to support a competitor.

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