Ford: The world's first 'Brokeback' car company?

When Ford Motor Company unwittingly embroiled itself in the American Family Association controversy late last year, all the pickets in the world weren't wide enough to straddle that fence. In the end, the Blue Oval rather tepidly re-asserted its practice of courting the so-called "pink dollar," renewing advertising in GLBT publications.

But to listen to the Detroit Free Press' Desiree Cooper, Ford didn't go far enough. The columnist suggests Dearborn amp-up their decidedly reticent re-commitment and give America the Full Monty. In her words, Ford should consider "becoming the world's first 'Brokeback' car company."

Her rationale? Cooper waxes nostalgic, arguing that brands used to symbolize something... they "evoked meaning." And if you're going to court a specific demographic, why not target one that's dramatically wealthier than the average?

Of course, while one can certainly posit that many carmakers have strayed too far from their core mission by attempting to be everything to everyone, the Freep's columnist may have a hard time convincing the world (let alone Ford), that explicitly designing and marketing for gay consumers is The Way Forward. In fact, disproportionately high income rates or no, it isn't readily clear whether the gay community would rally around such a platform, or shun it altogether.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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