The verdict on Ford's second crack at a turnaround plan this decade are coming in fast and furious from all the usual suspects, including magazine editors, stockholders, armchair quarterbacks, and of course, the United Auto Workers.

In fact, the UAW's response came as swiftly as a scorned party's rebuttal after a presidential State of the Union address. Likewise, the response proved equally predictable: They're peeved, and they're not going to go quietly into the unemployment lines:

"The UAW-represented workers affected by today's action are covered by the job security program and all other provisions and protections of the UAW-Ford National Agreement. Our union will rigorously enforce those programs."

Whether the union's actions in the coming months (and 2007's negotiations) will nobly protect their workforce or merely encourage and precipitate its eventual undoing remains to be seen.

Follow the link to read the UAW's complete response.

[Source: Newsday]

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