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Tiger Woods gives away his Buick

Buick's new promotional campaign for the ultra-talented golfer will give away his Buick Lucerne CXS every time he wins a 2006 PGA Tour event.
The "Tiger Wins, You Could Win" promotion will give away the actual Lucerne Woods will have driven to and from the golf course during the tournament, autographed by the Tiger himself. If you want a shot at a free Lucerne, register at One lucky entrant is selected for each event - if Tiger wins, they get the car, if he doesn't, they get an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles for the grand finale, which includes golf lessons by Tiger and a closest-to-the-pin contest for a final Lucerne giveaway. Better start working on your short game!

The promotion begins at the Buick Invitational in La Jolla, California, and wraps up at the PGA Championship in August.

[Source: GM]

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