Aussie trackday warrior: Carbontech Redback Spyder

You've gotta love a manufacturer whose spec sheet notes that its car "Goes like last week's pay." And to look at the Carbontech Redback Spyder, it'd be hard to argue. Here's an Australian-built supercar that looks like it just left the racetrack-- and for good reason: it's not street legal... yet.

Motivated by a supercharged Chevrolet LS1 V8 (providing 450 hp in its most conservative state of tune) routed through a six-speed Getrag manual, the carbon fiber/kevlar-bodied racer accommodates two fortunate (if brave) occupants. Enshrouded in Momo-trimmed comfort, would-be racers will find themselves surrounded by a steel and aluminum semi-monocoque spaceframe, kept on the ground via double-wishbones front and rear, with inboard-mounted shocks. Weight? 2,000-2,200 lbs. (depending on the options selected) -- a suitably light, yet rigid frame for mixing it up with the Radical SR3s and Nobles of the trackday world.

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Of course, if you desire a street legal car immediately, and don't mind wrenching it together yourself, one would presume that Carbontech will send you a rolling chassis and drivetrain separately for you to finish. Of course, the asking price is a little steep - $250K AU, or just under $190,000 USD.

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