It's no surprise to hear that some of the, um, more vocal members of the UAW are protesting the possibility of Toyota building a plant here in the union heartland. But now Toyota is coming under attack as well from a conservative think tank that is attempting to scare away the automaker.

The Detroit Free Press reports that the Mackinac Center for Public Policy is opposing the sale of state land to Toyota, who did not submit the highest bid for the land that will be used for its upcoming technology center. That honor goes to a housing developer. Frankly, given the job situation in this state, I think I'd prefer thousands of automotive engineering jobs instead of a few more McMansions, but we've got funny politics in this state.

The UAW's objection to Toyota is a bit more straightforward, and for those looking to take comfort in the fact that Toyota is looking at the significantly less union-friendly west side of the state, the Freep notes that one of the Soldiers of Solidarity leader comes from an unnamed UAW plant near Grand Rapids (hmm, might that be the Delphi plant in Coopersville)?

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