The Super Bowl will be in the Motor City, now automakers are putting the Motor City into the SuperBowl

This year, the Super Bowl will take place in Detroit, a.k.a. Motor City, home to General Motors, Ford and Chrysler -- and the Big Three don't want you to forget it.  (The latter two aren't actually located in Detroit, but you get the picture.)

Cadillac in particular will put on an advertising blitz that will ideally get Super Bowl viewers to come away from the game associating the "Cadillac of sports events" with the Cadillac of... well, cars. Last year's advertising push saw Cadillac boasting about the Cadillac vehicles that are capable of going 0-60 in under five seconds. This year, SuperBowl attendees might drive past Grand Circus Park in Detroit on their way to the game, where they will see a huge seven-story ad for the Cadillac Escalade plastered on the side of a building, surrounded by "paparazzi" mannequins and the effect of flashing cameras. Viewers at home can enjoy a full minute of advertising during the second quarter that GM bought to introduce the 2007 Escalade. And at the end of the game, during the Cadillac post-game show, an Escalade will be driven onto Ford field as the MVP is honored.

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