Readers’ comments triggered the search for this article which became lost in last month’s festivities.

Last year, Toyota Motor Corporation recalled more than two million vehicles of various models, more than double 2004's total. Yet, writes Jim Mateja of the Chicago Tribune, where’s the outcry for chairman Hiroshi Okuda's head (pictured)? (Or at the least snarky remarks about what school he went to; his appearance; or who’s the latest ‘car’ guy he hired and why that person is ruining the company.)

This lack of a reaction, according to Mateja’s article, seems to stem from Toyota owners' slow response to recalls ( "Toyota has one of the worst records as far as it comes to getting our customers to respond to a recall notice," said Toyota spokesman John Hanson) due to the automaker’s reputation, and the federal TRENDS Act, which requires even 'minor' issues to be reported.

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