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GM Daewoo sees huge growth in '06

While Hyundai gets all the attention for its impressive growth, GM Daewoo doesn't seem to be receiving proper credit. Maybe that'll change in 2006, as GM Daewoo is projected sales growth of approximately one-third over the previous year. That's simply stunning in this day and age. The increase will push total sales into the 1.5M unit range, according to GM Daewoo vice president Rick Labelle.
Since Koreans are looking for larger automobiles (something I personally witnessed during a trip there a few months ago), the company plans to come out with an SUV in the first half of this year, and a diesel-powered sedan later on (yet another cool oilburner that we won't get here in the US, I suppose).

I'll admit that I was not impressed when GM announced a few years ago that it was taking a majority stake in Daewoo, but needless to say, this is proving to have been a very wise move by the General.

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