"A 330 mpg car for everyone"

That's the slogan of startup Accelerated Composites, LLC. The company announced Thursday that development of its two-seater Aptera hybrid has begun.

As you might guess from the company's name, the use of composite materials plays a major role in the car's design. Claiming to have developed a proprietary composite construction technique (called Panelized Automated Composite Construction) that significantly lowers costs, the company plans to price the Aptera under $20,000.

The diesel/electric hybrid pairs a 12 hp diesel engine with a 25 hp electric motor, with power storage in a bank of supercapacitors. With a weight of only 850 lbs, the powertrain is good for a 0-60 time of about 11 seconds, and a top speed of 95 mph (electronically limited). Construction has begun for the first prototype.

And yes, fuel consumption is estimated to be 330 mpg at 65 mph. More pictures after the jump.

[via gizmag]

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