Shiny is in. Bland is out

You can’t miss it and, in fact, you've probably been blinded by it on a sunny day. But chrome on cars, once the sign of American excess, is on the comeback trail.
"It definitely has a richness to it," said Audi designer Toby Gillies in an article in USA Today. For years many automakers avoided the shiny stuff (real, plastic or polished aluminum), favoring clean, European one-color designs. Japanese automakers continue to do so (though, they, too, are changing.)

But in the race to differentiate their vehicles from one another, German and, especially, American automakers are pulling from the past, adding chrome wheels, grills, mirrors, door handles, trim, tailpipes, and vents.

However, let's hope they keep in good taste here. If you need to start wearing sunglasses daily on the road due to the chrome glare, designers may have gone a bit too far.

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