The Environmental Protection Agency is once again moving to add a New Jersey Ford Motor Company dump site to the national Superfund cleanup dockett.

The Ringwood, New Jersey site was used by the Blue Oval to dispose of paint sludge and other manufacturing wastes from 1967 through 1971. The dump, originally declared a Superfund site in 1983 came off the list in 1994 after FoMoCo. removed tons of toxic substances from the area. However, since that time, more waste has been found, spurning its return to Superfund status. EPA officials plan to initiate and monitor cleanup efforts through the end of 2006.

For its part, a Ford spokesperson maintains that it is interested in helping further with the decontamination of the Ringwood dump, but says that it has been left off a key new community advisory board that is monitoring the project. The automaker removed some 13,000 tons of toxic materials last year alone.

The Superfund program is particularly crucial to New Jersey, as it possesses more designated sites (135) than any other state.

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