What a Wild, Weird and Wacky world we live in when Farfrompoopen Rd. is the only way to get to Constipation Ridge, Stroke intersects with Acoma, and This Ain't It is the road on which everybody lives save the person whose house you're trying to find.

The Car Connection's readers have submitted some pretty hilarious (and true!) finds for the web site's Wild, Weird and Wacky Street Names contest, which ends January 31, 2006. Entries can be submitted by e-mailing the verifiable street name(s) and preferrably a digital image to contest@thecarconnection.com.

Other favorites of ours include the intersection of Bangher and Leever in New York, Chicken Gristle Rd. in the town of Granbury, Texas, which has the misfortune of having had to replace the street signs for the road multiple times due to theft (makes a great cocktail conversation piece, we guess), and Noisy Hole Rd. in Mashpee, Massachussets.


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