Volkswagen comes out in support of bioethanol initiatives

As part of its participation in International Green Week, Volkswagen today came out in favor of increasing the use of bioethanol as a gasoline additive, both to conserve petroleum and to reduce CO2 emissions.
The EU is moving toward a requirement for E10 gasoline (10 percent bioethanol by volume), as part of its biofuel initiative to replace 5.75 percent of gasoline and diesel fuel energy with biofuels by 2010. (In the U.S., both GM and Ford have come out in favor of E85-capable "flex-fuel vehicles.")

In its statement today, the company came out in favor of a blended fuel strategy (biofuels in combination with gas or diesel), as opposed to pure biofuels, saying that it was a more practical solution, compatible with existing infrastructure.

Volkswagen's " SunFuel" initiative is the company's focal point for research into a variety of synthetic fuels.

[Source: Volkswagen]

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