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Twin-turbo BMW 335i in the works?

BMW is not a company known for relying on forced induction to satiate the palate of its power hungry clientele, but rumors and heresay have been suggesting for a while that it’s been working on a turbocharged 3-Series model to slot in between the 330i and the next M3.
PistonHeads is reporting via AutoCar (the print version) that the model, to be called the 335i, is actually twin turbocharged and will develop an extra 72 bhp over the naturally aspirated 330i’s 3.0L six cylinder. That would peg the 335i's power meter at about 330 bhp, just 13 units of equinous energy shy of the last M3’s 3.2L six.

“The turbos will be fitted so that one works at lower engine speeds to boost low-end torque, while the other picks up higher up the rev rang,” says PistonHeads.

The next M3, for what BMW faithful are really biding their time, should feature a 4.0L V8 producing 400 hp when it finally arrives.

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