Michelin Challenge Design 2006 at Detroit Auto Show

Michelin's 2006 Challenge Design theme is vehicles for the California market that incorporate an alternative powertrain, with tires appropriate to the powertrain and considering the role electronics play in tire systems. To showcase the design contest finalists, Michelin orchestrated the North American debut of two hybrid concepts: the Italdesign-Giugiaro Toyota Volta (shown above) and the American Honda GRX Hybrid.

Michelin announced Monday the theme for the 2007 Challenge Design - "Road Safety for Everyone." Designers will pen vehicles that "...are independently safe and can better share the road with trucks, motorcycles, passenger vehicles and pedestrians." Designs will balance accident avoidance, occupant protection and pedestrian safety with consideration of commercial viability based on visual appeal. Now that's a tall order...

Highlights of the 2006 designs displayed at NAIAS after the jump.
Grip: Unlimited by Carlos Eduardo de Carvalho

Three Passenger Thrill Ride (3PTR) by John Lazorack III

Brutale by Thierry Dumaine

8WD by Joseph Liang

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