Ford's "Face for the Chase" (their phrase, not mine!) for 2006 is the new Fusion, and the NASCAR version was introduced on-track for the first time today on the high banks of Daytona.

On hand for the test session was Greg Specht, the Performance Operations Manager for Ford Racing Technology, who pointed out that, "'s the first time that we've introduced a new race car and a new production car at the same time since 1968 with the Torino."

Of course, the NASCAR Torino and the showroom Torino shared the same basic chassis, powertrain and bodywork. In new millenium NASCAR style, the race Fusion is a tube-frame, V8-powered, rear wheel drive, live axle car with a custom NASCAR-spec body, and shares absolutely nothing with the street Fusion (a V6-powered, front wheel drive, independent suspension car based on the Mazda6).

I guess we'll find out if Ford's wind tunnel is better than GM's and Chrysler's though.

[Source: Ford]

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