The Truth About Cars: Wait a minute...

Robert Farago of The Truth About Cars wrote an interesting essay on the North American International Auto Show currently running in Detroit, Michigan. As he so succinctly ends his introduction, “…the last thing Detroit needs right now is a bunch of new cars.”
He compares and contrasts such new vehicles as the Buick Enclave to the refreshed Camry (and even Infiniti’s new offerings) and the philosophies governing their companies. His thought: the Big Two should be refining their current lineups like the Impala or one—or better yet, all--the numerous Cadillacs.

And even when debuting new vehicles, Farago points out, where are the latest technologies? General Motors and Ford will not be releasing hybrid versions of their new SUVs until next year which still put them behind the competition.

Finally, he discuss the “ten day car” and the hunger for aftermarket parts and accessories.

An interesting counterpoint to an interesting show. Thoughts?

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