Well, here it is, boys and girls. Autoblogger Chris attended the intro for Lexus new flagship. The fourth generation (has it been that long?) for the LS was introduced by Jim Press, executive vice president and chief operating officer for Toyota Motor Sales (US).

Mr. Press started by pointing out that the LS has been the best-selling prestige luxury sedan for 15 of past 17 years, stating that a 5-year-old LS is more problem free than a brand-new car from "either of the leading German competitors".

The vehicle shown was a model of the LS460L (Long Wheelbase) which is nearly 203 inches.

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That arch of glass you see is actually made up of champagne glasses, just like the ad from the first LS 17 years ago (when they had the glasses stacked on the hood with the car on)

All-new chassis, reconfigured multilink suspension,etc., continuing the "L-Finesse" styling of GS and IS.

The new LS will have a 4.6L V8, 380hp/370 ft-lbs torque. Engine will have a duel fuel induction system that combines both port and direct fuel injection.

It's the world's first 8-speed automatic transmission.
0-60mph under 5.5 seconds, with EPA mixed mileage in mid-twenties.  EPA certified a as Level-2 Ultra-low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV).

Some of the technological features include:

Real time traffic updates on the navigation system (similar to the Acura RL and Cadillac CTS).
Mark Levinson surround-sound with 19-speakers(!) and a hard disc audio server that holds four thousand songs.
HVAC monitors both cabin temp and body temperature. "I've been afraid to ask where that sensor goes, but I'm sure it does a good job".
The LS460L available with rear-seat ottoman package. Passenger side includes a 45 degree recliner with adjustable leg rest and massager, individual DVD player, and hidden cooler like a Maybach.

Self-Park - "Intelligent Park Assist" parks with just a little brake work.

Power parking brake has hill-holder/stop-light anti-rollback feature (like Subaru).
Key is now a 'smart card' that can be left in your pocket while you open the door and start the car.

Electronic Power Steering and "next-generation" Vehicle Dynamics Integrated Management (VDIM) system - manages electronically controlled brakes (ECB), EPS, VSC (vehicle stability control), ABS, Brake Assist (BA) and EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution).
More details on the technology of the production version will be provided at the Geneva show. But in April, information on the hybrid V8 LS will be unveiled at the New York show.

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