OK, so I'm a day late, but isn't Saturday better than Friday anyway? Mazda has this fun little game to occupy your time as you wait for North American International Auto Show coverage. It's the MX-5 Driftbattle RC, a mouse-controlled driving game with a few different racing modes, tracks and other options. Once you get a handle on the controls and get over the fact that you can't see very far ahead into the course, it's not so bad. I'd probably only suggest it if you don't have access to anything else (like Gran Turismo 4 or Project Gotham Racing 3), but it's a good time killer if you're willing to endure the strange controls. It is, afterall, a promotional element to Mazda's web site, not the be-all and end-all of racing games. We'll take it, though.

Thanks to Srinath for sending this one our way.

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