When Autoblogger Chris found the following booth and product over at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), he quickly contacted us to have it posted with his heartfelt words:

“Rodmeisters like Chip Foose and Boyd Coddington may get most of the splashy airtime on television these days, but judging by Ken Fenical's latest masterwork, the Posies Aeroliner Sport, perhaps his name ought to be added to the modern canon of car customizers. After all, the man's only been at it for 42 years, but he's usually only referenced by hot-rodders in the know. Looking at his latest creation, it's hard to see how he had escaped mainstream autodom's attention.

(Text and pics after the jump)

"Inspired by 1930's French Coachbuilders, Fenical wanted to take deco and 'streamline' design elements of the past and apply it to a 1935 Ford.  To do so, he and his crew stretched the Blue Oval's chassis to a whopping 139" and shoehorned in a 531-horsepower Roush 427. The affable builder says that it was completed in his shop in 6.5 months with three other individuals working on it. (He employs a staff of 14, but is usually working on about nine customer cars at any given time). Obviously a proud papa, Fenical does just about everything, from design on through welding and drivetrain bits. Hell, he even admitted to driving the truck to get it to CES!
"Posies builds and shows one car per year, which is often later put up for sale. For those with the wherewithal, Fenical will part with his Aeroliner for $250,000, which, after studying it closely in person, seems something of a bargain for a museum-quality one-off.
"The Aeroliner Sport actually debuted in Las Vegas at SEMA, but apparently slipped under the radar of most car buffs, obliterated in a heady cocktail of subwoofers, fiberglass, neon lights, and performance bits. Hopefully its appearance at CES will rectify this shortcoming somewhat, for this car is worthy of attention, even if it was rather out-of-place at a show centered around electronics. (Fenical didn't elaborate as to whether the Aeroliner even had a stereo installed).
"The car is the subject of a new tome Build Book 2 which chronicles the birth of the Aeroliner in photo and text. Copies were not yet on-hand, but Fenical promised some were being Fed-Ex'd.
"The coup de grâce? Fenical's authored a new drink to inaugurate his ride. Appropriately dubbed the Aeroliner Martini, he's printed some beautiful cards out to share the merriment with CES attendees.”

Aeroliner Martini:
1 1/2 oz. vodka
1/3 oz. peach schnapps
Dash of coffee
splash of Kahlua
1) Chill & shake first three ingredients.
2) Stir in Kahlua and serve.
3) Don't drink and drive.

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