Lexus of the Minority Report

So what does a Lexus look like fifty years from now?

That’s the question director Steven Spielberg asked himself when making the movie, Minority Report, based on the short story by Philip K. Dick. So he approached Lexus’ parent company Toyota who created him one and gizmag happily reported its specs.

Some of the features of the 2054 Lexus include:
  • 500 kilowatt electric engine
  • twenty-two inch, run-flat tires
  • Night Vision and ‘Organic Recognition’ capability
  • Body panels with dent resistant memory
  • Body confirming seats with heat/cool functions
  • Computer system controlled by voice and gesture-recognition software

See article for a full list of features. All we can ask is when the concept model (never mind a production model!) will be at what car show.

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