Asian brands increase worldwide shares

This report came out of, an Indian news source.
A study done by the U.S. branch of KPMG a Swiss cooperative of various member companies, notes that profitability in the automotive industry will decline or flatten over the next five years. A survey of manufactures, though (none were explicitly stated in the article) indicated that over eighty percent expected Asian brands would increase in numbers, with Korean brands leading with Chinese brands closely following. Japanese brands would were the third favored.

"Asian brands have been successful at bringing the right product to the market quickly while being flexible in their manufacturing processes to respond to changes in demand," said Betsy Meter, partner in KPMG LLP's automotive practice.

North American brands would suffer the most, with only thirty-two percent surveyed agreeing that American automakers would improve sufficiently over the next five years. Opinion on European brands was split.
Interestingly, Indian brands followed Japan predicted to post gains. (Pictures is a TATA Indigo Marina.) We at Autoblog have to wonder: when are the Indian cars coming stateside?

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