When computers and cars collide

Though the winter holiday season has passed, there’s always birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. For the car enthusiast, there’s this little gadget to blow away the money for those new wheels.

The Compucar is a PC that’s, well, shaped like a car. Variety of brands are available: Ford Mustang GTR, Dodge Viper, Hummer H2, Lexus LS430, and a 70s Cuda. Base model includes Pentium4 processor, 512 megabytes of memory ( RAM), and hard disks up to 400 gigabytes (GB). You have the choice of customizing the hand-wrapped wiring ( color) and the tread pattern on the tires (includes flame tread). Each Compucar comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Pricing is around $1700.

(See here on the similar NASCAR PC.)

[Thanks, David Bank!]

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