Visteon brought a Euro-market Ford Focus C-Max across the Pond for Chris’s perusal at CES. It is one of two prototypes. Visteon's ICP (Visteon-speak: Integrated Control Panel) is installed in the Focus, which features the company’s new "Adaptive Haptic Controller (basically a touch screen with feedback).

Pushing a “button” generates an electro-mechanical vibration for tactile feedback. Different frequency 'buzzes' could be programmed to allow different levels of feedback depending on the button pushed  or, say, more vibrating as the volume gets louder.

Follow the jump to learn more about this potentially interior-alterating technology… Visteon’s system integrates HVAC, nav, and satellite/terrestrial radio on one 8.4" screen. It also includes a USB plug-in. They had a memory stick plugged-in with MP3s, which then showed on the dash.
Two basic knobs govern many of the functions (they also have varying levels of feedback), while a small control stalk on the steering column can active voice commands. Chris reports that his voice wasn't even trained in the system and it worked very well for navigating menus, changing radio stations, dialing calls, etc.
The ICP system with Adaptive Haptic Controller  could govern 'higher' functions like suspension settings and so forth, if an OEM desired. Even pumping in the internet is possible.
No production plans (date, cost, specific applications) are available yet, though Visteon is attempting to place its technology with a suitable supplier.
This Focus C-Max is also equipped with a center cooling console from Visteon and the company's new "Dockable Family Entertainment System" - essentially a removable gaming system partnered with Nintendo.

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