Spy Shots: Automoblox C9 and S9 GT

There’s a strange story behind these shots. I’m out walking my Chinese Shar-Pei one early evening and I see this small sport coupe and sedan, both shrouded in black, parked at my local Dairy Queen. Fortunately, my cell phone has a camera so I snapped some pics from a distance and attempted to get closer. Before I could take a step out from behind the bushes, however, these two little camo cars took off as if powered by the hand of God.

Upon returning home, I reviewed the pics and realized I had caught prototype GT versions of the Automoblox C9 coupe and S9 sedan. I tell you, these pictures don’t do them justice. I could distinctly see the use of balsa wood on the vehicles, presumably to save weight, as well as what appear to be polycarbonate black plastic wheels on the C9 coupe – both lighter and stronger than the vehicle’s standard red plastic wheels.

Fortunately I got a clear shot of the C9 coupe before the sun went down, but dusk was upon me when I went to snap the S9. The sedan was fleeing the scene as I took the pictures, hence the slightly blurred and grainy images.

Is Automoblox planning AMG or SRT-like versions of its vehicles or was it all a dream?

[More pictures after the jump]

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