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Formula EV X-01

Stuart flipped his lid when he found this all-electric racer hiding in the corner of the L.A. auto show, although he warned me that the rep didn’t speak English very well, so these details might be sketchy.

The Formula EV X-01 comes all the way from Japan where it competes in the Japan EV Club (JEVC). Sponsored by Yokohama tires, the EV racer weighs 1,322 lbs. without batteries, which themselves weigh 582 lbs. The NiMh batteries come from Panasonic EV Energy and produce a combined 237 volts that run through Café Electric Zilla Z1K-EHV motor controllers to twin Advanced DC Motors XP-1227-A. Total power output for the EV X-01 is 209kW or 284 hp, which can propel the vehicle to speeds around 168 mph.

JEVC has 250 vehicles, including electric racing go-karts that can go 112 mph.

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