Chris is on the floor at CES in Las Vegas and sent back his first report already, which includes details on this little ditty, the ‘Sinister Six’ from Alpine. This was the vehicle’s first showing and there are no professional shots of it, as the car was finished too late to have them taken.

Read on for Chris’s first-hand report of the ‘Sinister Six’ and a few more pics. We’ll try and get more pics of this million-dollar show car for you later…
Based on a BMW 645ci, the Sinister Six project was begun on August 1st, 2005 and finished last Saturday. The bimmer is a single-seater and features a H.R. Giger-inspired paint job (he’s the guy responsible for the look and feel for the Alien films). The concept was conceived by Alpine’s own Steve Brown and Gary Bell.

The project car features custom-made Boyd Coddington wheels measuring 24"x10" in front and 26"x13" in rear and Brembo discs all around (that look tiny behind those massive wheels). The single seat is a motorized “throne” that rotates around for ease of entry and the curved dash features a bank of screens and speakers.

Chris reports the car has a sliding hard tonneau ‘speedster’ cover with what looks to be a rear engine on view like a Ferrari F50. It has to be a mockup, however, since the drivetrain is essentially stock. The rear end does house four 12" woofers with 8,000 watts of power, or at least that’s what Chris thought he heard of the din of 50 Cent being played.

Despite the heavy use of aluminum throughout the car’s structure to keep weight down, Alpine’s Bell reports that it drives "very heavy."

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