Midsize engines made a comeback in 2005

Usually sales trends are analyzed by determining what type of vehicle sold better than the others in a given year. Ward’s Auto, however, takes a different approach by determining what size engine in terms of displacement was installed in more vehicles during 2005.
According to’05 data engines in the 3.0L-3.9L range hit a “long-time” high in 2005, having been installed in 35.6% of all light vehicles last year. That’s up nearly five percent from last year’s 30.9 percent. While 4.0L-plus engines still held the lion's share of installations with 38.2%, their piece of the pie fell in 2005 from last year’s 44.3 percent.

The popularity of the 3.0L-3.9L displacement range, according to Ward’s, can largely be attributed to the rising popularity of the Cross Utility Vehicle, or CUV. Unlike SUVs that are usually sold with V8s that have displacements larger than 4.0 liters, CUVs tend to be sold with a V6 having a displacement somewhere in the 3.0-liter range.

Check out the article here for a further breakdown of engines installed in light vehicles during 2005, including which cylinder count was most popular.

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